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Learn to trade using our forex trading strategies

Do you want to learn to trade properly or do you just want to muddle along using one "100%" system after another?
Here at Forex Signal Services we pride ourselves on our service to you. We offer fantastic customer service in our Daily Forex Trade Room
where every Forex trade that you do is fully supported all the way through from beginning to end.

We teach and use several strategies in our trading room.

These strategies are not hidden from our members nor do we charge extra for them, all the strategy files are available to full members in our download section.

If you are new to trading please don't fall into the trap of thinking that lots of indicators or hundreds of trades a week / robots are going to work for you.
You have to know exactly how to use certain indicators, if you don't they are going to lose you money

Many traders especially new traders think that they have to be in a trade at all times and that they need to be trading 10 times a day to make a profit . This is wrong.

Trading in this way is not how we trade. We are patient , we wait for a correct setup and then act upon it , we don't jump into a trade if the setup does not exist.

Check out the video below to see what you receive as a member.


Forex Price Action Training Course

As part of your membership you also get access to our price action training course . This is 4 hours of video content teaching you exactly how to trade using price action,covering everything, from what price action actually is to using fibonacci levels within a trend.

 This trading method is used primarily on the daily charts and is ideal for traders who just want to check their charts once a day.

 You can get hold of this course by signing up as a full member on the registration page and is available within our downloads section.


What we do here

yes Daily Forex Trade room

yes Trend Following Trades

yes Highly effective 15 min strategy

yes All strategy files available for download to full members

yes Fully featured Education and Videos section showing how we trade

yes Access to our full price action training course

yes Trading forum where trade alerts and trades are posted and analysed for future reference and to ensure we are staying on track with the strategy.

yes Live CandleStick Pattern Detection and alerts

yes Live Harmonic Pattern Detection and harmonic alerts

yes Live Divergence alerts

yes Trading from the charts

yes Use of Price Action Trading

alt Our own trades are sent out using trading room,email,trade mirror

yes Excellent client support

What we don't do here

no Send out 100's of robot generated trades per week.

no Jump into trades without good reason.

no Leave clients in doubt.

no Jump into trades because we are bored.

no Trade using large stop losses.

no Trade using no stop losses.



Our Forex Strategy Modules

In our members section we have various modules that are linked in with the strategies that we use.All have audible and visible alerts and some also have email alerts. This enables you to trade our Forex strategies without having to constantly chart watch.

Check out some of our Forex Trading Modules  
Forex Candle Stick Alerts Forex Harmonic Pattern Alerts
Forex Candle Stick Alert Module Forex Harmonic Pattern Alert Module
Forex Stochastic Alerts Forex Pivot Alerts
Forex Stochastic Alerts Module Forex Pivot Alerts Module

Daily Forex Trading Room

A very important part of our service is our daily Forex trade room. It is open 12 hours per day not just for 1 or 2 hours. We are there with you through all trades taken and can also help support you in your own trades as well.

Indicator usage in your strategies

If you are going to use indicators in your Forex trading then you need to have a basic understanding of what they are showing you, 99% of them are lagging indicators so they have to be used in the correct way. We use the MACD indicator and the stochastic indicator in some of our trading strategies and they work well if used in the correct context.

Take a quick look at the charts below :

Scary Trading

Scary Trading

A Much Better Way to Trade

A Much Better Way to Trade

Best forex trading is accomplished by keeping things simple . Trading charts with lots of stuff on them might look impressive and work for some however most of the time charts like this just act to confuse and cause double guessing. So by keeping it simple and using Candlestick patterns and Harmonics you stand the best chance of making profitable trades. Even if trades are not all profitable ( which they wont be) losses will be kept to a minimum.

Indicators have to be used in the correct way for best results. We teach the correct way to use certain indicators using our mentorship.

If you wish to join us as a member head over to the membership sign up section and follow the links there .

We are more than just "another" signal service

Trading the Forex market can be very challenging , it combines a good knowledge of your chosen technical analysis tools, some good strategies and a very stable mind.

Here at Forex signal services we believe we offer you the best Forex strategies and advice for you to further your trading and grow your account.

Full members also have access to our full blown Price Action Training course , available in the downloads section.

Remember we offer much much more than just Forex trading signals , we actually engage with and teach you in our daily Forex trading room so that you can get the most out of the strategies.


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